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Our Strategies

Two-pronged business model
Currently, the revenue source comes from the importation of biotechnological medicines and their commercialization. Biomm has know-how in the biomedicine sector, acquired when Biobrás was split, and this allows it to make partnerships more flexible for the commercialization of products for the treatment of diabetes, osteoporosis, various types of cancer, among others.

In parallel with the commercialization of products, the Company’s strategy includes setting up a production structure in the country, in line with the development policies in force, in order to meet an existing and growing demand for high quality national biopharmaceuticals, meeting both public market as well as the private market.

To this end, Biomm has a group of qualified researchers and invests in the development of a portfolio of innovative products with high added value not only in the field of insulin/diabetes, but also in other biopharmaceuticals.

Currently, Brazil has about 12 million diabetics and another 800 thousand people are in a pre-diabetic situation, and the insulin used in the control and treatment of diabetes in Brazil is 100% imported. Given the dimension of the disease, the treatment of diabetes and its complications can consume up to 15% of the annual public health budget.

The implantation of the Biomm factory could lead Brazil to self-sufficiency in the production of insulin and, in this way, place Brazil in the restricted circle of countries that dominate the entire cycle of production of the drug.

Last Update on June 22, 2021