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Strategies and Advantages

Currently, Brazil has around 12 million diabetics and a further 800,000 in a pre-diabetic condition, and the insulin used to control and treat diabetes in Brazil is 100% imported. Given the scale of the disease, treatment of diabetes and its complications can consume up to 15% of the public health sector’s annual budget.

Within this scenario, Biomm’s strategy includes setting up a production structure in the country, aligned with the development policies in force, in order to meet existing and growing demand for high quality national biopharmaceutical products, serving both the public and private markets.

In order to do so, Biomm maintains a group of qualified researchers and invests in the development of a portfolio of innovative products with high added value not only in the field of insulin/diabetes, but also in regard to other biopharmaceutical products.

In order to meet innovation needs with transparency and aligned with the interests of its shareholders, Biomm is the only national pharmaceutical company listed on the BM&FBOVESPA, ensuring access to information and respect for investors.

The implementation of Biomm’s factory will allow Brazil to achieve self-sufficiency in insulin production, positioning it in the select group of countries that dominate the drug’s entire production cycle.

Last Update on June 22, 2021